4 Ways to Stop Eating Dessert and Lose Weight

4 Ways to Stop Eating Dessert and Lose Weight
Here are 4 great ways to stop eating dessert so you can naturally consume fewer calories and lose those stubborn extra pounds. Dessert seems to have taken us over and it is now offered at most meals but if you have it every time it is available it will spell disaster for your diet. If you are a dessert junkie and you want to stop then I encourage you to take just a couple of minutes right now to read this article and regain control.
Stop Eating Dessert
1. Don’t say never. If you try to break your dessert habit by telling yourself you can never have it again you will in actuality make your craving for it even stronger, this is just a natural reaction; tell yourself you cannot have something and you will want it more. Instead apply one of the next tips.
2. Clear your palate after you finish your meal. A big reason you want to continue on to dessert is because your appetite has been stimulated by the taste of food. To easily solve this clear your palate by sipping a cup of tea or coffee after your meal, drinking a glass of water to get the taste out of your mouth or brushing your teeth. The craving to eat dessert will dissolve away.
3. Promise yourself you will wait 15 minutes after your last bite of food before deciding to have dessert. This gives your brain time to realize that you are full and you will find making a decision to eat dessert or not eat much easier.
4. Eat your meal mindfully. By slowing down and bringing your awareness to what you are having to eat you will feel more satisfied with your meal and less in “need” of dessert.
By following these tips you will learn that you can stop eating dessert and not even miss it.

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