Baking a Cake in a Pumpkin

I bake a carrot cake inside of a Pumpkin, which works surprisingly well and ends up tasting really nice. Remember to like the video! 🙂
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The recipe is fairly flexible, so I’m going to be pretty lame here and tell you that you should use any cake recipe you are familiar with rather than mine! I’ll make a dedicated carrot cake video in the coming weeks 🙂

ALSO RED LIQUID – I used Cranberry Juice in place of oil for this one. Worked surprisingly well!

The one thing I will say is that you need a pumpkin that has been hollowed and dried out before baking, as otherwise you will take forever to cook the pumpkin!

My name is Tom Burns and I’m a British guy who makes weekly vlogs and sketches about various relatable situations and geeky interests in my life. I upload a new video every Sunday, so make sure you subscribe and keep up to date!

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