Chocolate Wacky Cake Recipe – DAIRY FREE / VEGAN Chocolate Cake Recipe

VEGAN Chocolate Wacky Cake Recipe – Egg Free – Milk Free
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This is a DAIRY-FREE chocolate cake that is amazingly delicious !
This is an old recipe and technique that goes way back, it’s an easy
recipe and it also contains NO eggs and NO milk.


This is a very old recipe that was used 50 years ago, it contains vinegar,
and it CAN be overwhelming in this recipe.
You may encounter a “sour” taste.

Many of you will find the recipe OK.

Some of you will be curious to how people make this cake many years ago and wish to try it.
You can lower the amount of vinegar and baking by half and try it this way.

►►►*** I HAVE MADE MY OWN REVISED recipe, and you can find it here:

It does NOT contain vinegar or baking soda *** So you may wish to try it instead.

If you are in doubt, just 1/2 the baking soda and vinegar amounts and try this one…. MIX WELL ! *** ◄◄◄

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Here is the clickable link to the video recipe preview you saw at the end of this video:
Easy Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe ! – Super Fudge Cake recipe

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