Dessert Buffets: A Rising Wedding Trend

Sometimes, having just one cake is not enough variety for a wedding. When you want your wedding reception to show off your love of more than just cake, you are not limited. More and more couples are opting to include a dessert buffet with their catered reception. A dessert buffet is a truly memorable feature that everyone will enjoy, you included! Consider including this sweet option for your special day.
Impress Your Guests
Your wedding cake will, no doubt, be a stunning work of art. However, guests have come to expect beautiful cakes at weddings, so they will not be surprised to see your lovely cake. However, with a dessert buffet, you can pull out the stops to wow your friends and family while giving them more options than just the standard cake. If you want to offer your guests something new while maintaining the traditional elegance that is expected of a reception, a buffet of desserts is an innovative and memorable way to do it.
Make It You
A dessert buffet is a perfect way to express yourselves as a couple and get to enjoy all of your favorite sweet treats on your special day. The ways you can customize a dessert buffet are as limitless as your imagination, and there is no way you can go wrong. Sweet and simple finger food is a great choice if you would like to offer a variety of small bites. Or, you could make a bold and elegant statement by adding a chocolate fountain with an array of fruits, cookies, cakes, and anything else you can think of to dip in it. A selection of cookies or pies would be perfect if you aren’t a big fan of cake. If cake is your favorite, consider offering a variety of cakes to let everyone have the taste they like best.
Discuss It With Your Caterer
Your wedding caterer will be excited to hear that you are interested in serving a dessert buffet at your reception. Discuss your ideas with your caterer and detail what is important to you with a dessert buffet. If you know you want a dessert buffet but don’t really know what you would like on it, your caterer is likely to have a variety of ideas for how to offer your guests an amazing dessert selection. Working closely with your caterer will help make your wedding reception a sweet and unforgettable occasion.

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