German Bread + Sandwich Buns + Desserts in Germany

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In Germany, there are many kinds of German bread, traditionally mainly gray and black breads (including pumpernickel bread, brown bread, wholemeal bread, etc.), as well as the widespread mainly in southern Germany pretzels, which also includes the pretzel heard; today, however, are also countless German white breads to find. There are numerous variations of pies and cakes, usually with fresh apples, plums, strawberries, cherries and rhubarb are baked. Cheesecake is also a popular option. A cake that is considered very typical, is the Black Forest cake, consisting of a dark chocolate cake, cherries and cream. During the Christmas season are Klaben and studs baked. Dresdner Stollen is sold as a specialty in Germany. There are also various small pastries, often these are known only in certain regions.

A typical German dessert is the pudding in different variations, eg as vanilla or chocolate pudding. Also popular is the red berry compote, consisting of different types of berries and is thickened with starch. Other Desserts that are made ​​from fruits, are compote and apple sauce. Since is powered by Italians in the 1920s Ice popular as the first foreign restaurants in the country, is also ice cream very popular.

Brown bread, in some regions of Germany as brown bread, southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland as brown bread called, is with leaven or yeast baked bread from a mixture of wheat – and rye flour. Brown German bread is milder in flavor than rye bread and has a looser crumb. The majority of the loaves offered in Germany are mixed German breads. Here, there are two categories, namely, rye bread and wheat bread mixture, which must consist of more than 50% of the respective type of grain.

Pretzels is a special type usually smaller pastry, in which the dough pieces usually made ​​from wheat dough prepares and above in a sodium hydroxide solution are dipped. In commercial production, this strength to a maximum of 4% concentration of the liquor is limited. This results in baking the typical brown shiny surface and the pastry has their own, strong taste. The pretzel lye remains only on the dough surface and does not penetrate into the dough.

Pretzel lye is one of the additives which need not be declared. The sodium hydroxide solution and dipped in lye dough must not come into contact, because sodium in the production of aluminum sheets protective oxide layer of the aluminum sheet attacks, whereby the aluminum with water to release hydrogen can react.

Whole grain bread is German bread from coarsely ground or whole grain cereal. Other ingredients include water, yeast and / or sourdough (acidifier), salt and possibly spices. In the German-speaking Europe wholemeal bread is in many variants, which differ in shape, texture and flavor available.

In some parts of Switzerland called cheesecake a cheese tart, a recent tart with a layer of grated hard cheese ; the sweet cake is as curd cake or cheesecake called; he is after American Art from Cream cheese instead of cottage cheese produced, as Cheesecake.

In Germany, buns are not traded above 250 g according to the Guidelines for German bread and biscuits. In 1957, the statutory requirement for a minimum weight was abolished. In most regions of Germany, Bun ‘and’ German bread ‘are used interchangeably, except when almost exclusively used compound breadcrumbs. In other areas, an important difference is: This is the term in Austria with German buns small sandwiches, canapés. German buns are often also in fast food uses and offered for. example in the form of finished sandwiches. This was initially exclusively in the bakery trade itself, under the so-called baker gastronomy. Because of the popularity of these products can be found covered with cheese or ham sandwich today but with many vendors and recently even in some fast food chains.

A donuts, shortly Berlin or pancakes, is a fist big donuts, floating in the fat is baked and of sweet yeast dough with a filling of jam there. In German-speaking various regional names exist for the filling and varied.

The fillings of the Berlin pancake vary regionally. In southern Germany and Austria rather apricot jam, also plum and Rosehip.

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