Guilt Free Desserts Reviews-Know What’s Good And Bad

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Guilt Free Desserts is a cook book chalked full of delectable sugar free recipes for desserts that we all know and love by name but we are most commonly familiar with their original ingredients….which mainly contain unhealthy ingredients and tons of sugar which are obviously no good for us and cause us to gain lots of weight over the years. This new style of cook book is like none other that I’ve ever seen before…the ingredients to these healthy desserts contain ‘natural’ ingredients and actually show us how these desserts can benefit us in many ways other than just tasting good!

Imagine knowing how to make easy desserts that actually helps us to loose weight instead of gaining weight or to make one that is a gluten free dessert as so many of us have an allergy to gluten. These desserts are specifically designed to do just that as well as to include additional benefits like provide us with high-fibre, low calorie intake and low-glycemic (low-sugar). This book contains the ingredients that show you how you can incorporate natural foods into these recipes to get the fibre into your diet and still have a sweet and delicious dessert to enjoy at the end of your supper.

Further, I was amazed at how many natural sweeteners there were that could be substituted for sugar and the benefits of them instead of sugar. I also learned, and quite alarmingly I might add, that one sweetener that many people use on the market today is actually harming people (and was suppose to be more healthy for people) and makes a ton of money being sold today…maybe even more money than that of sugar being sold

You will learn about the many different kinds of flours that can be used that you would never have even thought of before…I’ve heard of one kind of flour because my mom uses it with her baking but I’ve never heard of these other flours before and was quite amazed and pleasantly surprised. And they made sense from a healthy point of view!

The recipes are very easy to follow with pictures, measurements, yields and times requirements. In addition, they provide ‘Nutritional Information Per Serving’ and a Preference Guide as well…such as…’Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Good Source of Fibre, etc.’ I find these guides helpful and informative while trying to provide my family with healthier choices and knowing how I’m doing it. Further, if you have a guest coming for dinner and they have a specific allergy to gluten, etc., the Preference Guide certainly helps out in this regard big time.

Finally, I must say that it is great to find a Cook Book that has all the kinds of dessert ideas that I’ve been looking for years that include chocolate desserts, low sugar recipes and recipes that are simply just easy to follow and time saving. Not to mention and most important of all….wonderful to enjoy!!!

I most definitely feel you should grab a copy of ‘Guilt-Fee Desserts’ for yourself.
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