Iceland Jaffa Cake Ice Creams FIRST REVIEW as seen on TV Advert

OMG! LOOK AT THESE! Jaffa Cake Ice Creams! I had to buy and review these as Jaffa Cakes are top level in the biscuit world! Cake or Biscuit? YOU DECIDE! I say they are a cake and this is the best thing ever putting them with ice cream.

Demand for these is bound to be very high for these this Summer especially as they are in the 3 for £5 offer. They are £2 to buy on their own which is still a bargain.

Jaffa Cakes were invented by McVitie’s in the 1950’s AND NEVER PATENTED THE NAME OR INVENTION oh what a huge disaster! Fortunately we all know McVitie’s make the best ones so inferior supermarket own brands are bought by error by customers who want to save 10p as Iceland sell them for £1 but as Iceland have made their own unique twist on the UK’s favorite cake hats off to them as they actually taste of quality not just some squeeze out production line mash up.

So lets describe them!

The standard jaffa cake is excellent the chocolate and the jelly with sponge looks and tastes amazing but it is the ice cream that surprised me most. It was smooth and orangey with no ice crystals. I ate ALL 10 and the quality is just delicious they are lush! There is bound to be a high demand for these and could sell out!

They were also individually wrapped so they can be handed out easily… even as I wrote that I gave a nasal sigh as the mere though of anyone been able to take just one of these and saying “I will just have the one” is unthinkable, after all, who eats just one normal jaffa cake and puts the rest back?

Whenever I refer to “the normal Jaffa Cake” always assume it’s McVitie’s because they are the best even the Cadbury ones are not the same.

With Oreo quickly gaining ground as the nations best biscuit the Jaffa Cake will always be the best cake.

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