Layered Jello Peach Melba Dessert

Layered Jello Peach Melba Dessert
The flavor of peaches is a favorite of many people. Peach Jello has got to be one of their best flavors; they manage to get a nice peachy quality to the gelatin. There are so many recipes to use this flavor with, but if you like peach Jello, you really should try this peach melba dessert. Peaches are available year round in cans if you decide to add them to the dessert. Frozen raspberries work great for the bottom layer; if you have fresh berries available, by all means use them! The fruit adds a nice flavor and texture to the dessert after the creamy layer full of ice cream. Try this dessert and see what your family thinks.
Get out your fancy dessert glasses for this one. It is stunning to look at and delicious to eat. You are treated to three delicious layers with this tasty dessert. The bottom is rich with raspberries. You could substitute diced peaches for the raspberries if you prefer to have the dessert completely peachy. Next, you have peach Jello mixed with ice cream. This is a delectable layer for your diners to enjoy, so do not skimp on it. Give them a nice, thick layer. Finally, the dessert is topped with a glass-like layer of clear peach Jello. It almost looks like a layer of liquid sitting there on top of the creamy ice cream.
This is a retro Jello recipe, so you may remember it from your childhood. How wonderful to be able to share a part of your childhood with your own family and bring back a tradition. Kids love these Jello desserts because they get to use fancy dessert glasses and the desserts are so colorful and interesting. It could be a great way to introduce your kids to cooking. Let them help make the desserts. You may be starting an interest that will grow into a lifelong fascination with food and the magic you can create in the kitchen. Jello is an easy way to get acquainted with working in the kitchen. With all the fun recipes you can create with Jello, your children will develop a love of cooking and creating that will see them well into adulthood when they have children of their own.
Recipe for Peach Melba
This is a creamy dessert that looks stunning on the table.
What You Need
• 1 package (3 ounces) Jello Peach Gelatin
• 1 cup boiling water
• 1/3 cup cold water
• 1 cup vanilla ice cream
• 1 package (10 ounces) frozen red raspberries, thawed
How to Make It
Dissolve the Jello in boiling water. Add the cold water. Measure out 3/4 cup of the Jello mixture; blend in the ice cream and let it chill until slightly thickened.
Chill the remaining Jello until slightly thickened.
Spoon the raspberries into the bottom of your dessert glasses. Top the berries with the Jello and ice cream mixture, then add a layer of the clear Jello.

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