Multi layered Ice-cream Cake (No Oven No Microwave) | Poonam’s Kitchen

Icecream? Cake?
How about the best of both worlds in one dessert??
Customize your droolworthy dessert with your favorite icecream, favorite cake and your favorite mix-ins!!
This method gives you layers and layers of rich and creamy flavored icecream alternating with moist and soft cake sheets. Best wishes with the counting of layers, before this ambrosial treat takes over you! I bet it will!!
Vanilla Icecream (6 cups)
Chocolate cereal (2 cups)
Chocolate powder(1 tbsp)( optional)
Boxed cake mix ( approximately 290 g)
Oil(as required)
Eggs(as required)
Water(as required)

Soften 2 cups of vanilla ice cream in a bowl by putting in the refrigerator for 30 minutes ( time depends on how hard the ice cream is initially frozen and how cold is the refrigerator) . Keep a watch, the ice cream has to soften and not melt.
Choose a non-stick pan to make cake sheets. I used a pan 5 ½ inch in diameter.
Choose a deep cake tin / pan which is almost 1 inch larger in diameter than the pan used for cake sheets. I used a pan 6 ½ inch in diameter.
Prepare the bigger pan by putting cling wrap all over the inner surface, allowing some over hang of the cling wrap. This will assist to de mould the cake easily.

1. Mix the chocolate powder and 1 ½ cup chocolate cereal in the softened ice cream.
2. Transfer ½ cup of cereal to the bottom of the big pan and spread evenly.
3. Transfer the ice cream mix to the pan and spread evenly. Work fast with the ice cream. Don’t allow it to melt.
4. Cover the ice cream with a strip of cling wrap, leaving minimal space between the wrap and ice cream.
5. Freeze for 2 hours or until set well. We don’t want this to freeze very hard.
6. After almost an hour of this, prepare the cake sheets.
7. Prepare the cake mix as per the instructions on the pack.
8. Dilute the batter with milk to get a consistency like that of pancake.
9. Prepare cake sheets just like you make pancakes. Take equal quantiy of batter for each sheet. I got 7 cake sheets, each 1 cm thick.
10. Let the sheets cool down. Transfer them to an air-tight container and refrigerate for half an hour.
11. Also put aside, 4 cups of vanilla ice cream to soften up in the refrigerator.
12. Once the ice cream is set ( almost 2 hours), take it out of the refrigerator.
13. Remove the cling wrap covering the ice cream.
14. Depending on how deep your cake tin/ pan is, assess how many sheets will be required to fill the pan to the top or to the point you wish to fill this.
15. Keep the required cake sheets aside and crumble the rest of the sheets.
16. Mix-in the crumbled cake to the softened ice cream.
17. Pour 2 tbsp of the ice cream on top of the frozen ice cream.
18. Place 1 cake sheet in the center, on top of this.
19. Cover this sheet and surroundings with more ice cream.
20. Similarly place all the sheets and cover with ice cream
21. When you place the last sheet, don’t pour ice cream on top of it. Just cover the surroundings. This sheet will serve as a base for the cake to sit on.
22. Cover with a cling wrap and freeze till set well.
23. When set, flip over the ice cream cake onto a plate/ tray.
23. Transfer this to the refrigerator 15-20 minutes before serving. The cake sheets inside this beauty need to thaw a little for easy cutting and more taste.
Happy Cake cutting! Slice and enjoy!

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