Restaurant Design Project – Pasta, burger, bakery restaurant in the dessert

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The restaurant’s location is as perfect as can be. Set within 10,000 sq. ft. in the city of Mecca, this restaurant aims to fill hungry tummies with western fusion food. The first floor is a Gentlemen’s exclusive lounge. The walls are bedecked with huge, custom-made mirrors designed with golden-colored metal frames. The dining area has circular booths placed back to back to establish privacy. The booths being arranged this way also creates an interesting shape. The floor is black with golden mosaic accent and there is a cloudy sky painting covering the whole ceiling providing a subtle yet tasteful diversion from the manly design of the whole area.

At the second floor, guests are greeted at the entrance with lavish colors. The intent of the design is to create an indoor oasis, a refreshing haven, as it is very hot outside. A giant vase sits in the middle of the space, reminiscent of gathering water during civilization’s early years. The ceiling is adorned by a blue, whimsical painting that resembles water, making it look as if it is coming down from the sky to the vase. The booths have an acrylic resin panel that serves as a divider to provide much needed privacy to each guest and ultimately make them feel comfortable.

Echoing inspirations both western royal and colonial, this project creates a look that is at once familiar and never foreign to the Saudis. From its crafty posts, posh light boxes, intricate walls, simple yet elegant booths and acrylic resin panel dividers, the main area surely offers a glimpse of the country’s finest.

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