Strawberry Cake [NO OVEN REQUIRED] In A Mug – Yennie Pincher

Welcome to the Yennie Pincher Strawberry Cake In A Mug recipe video! Yennie Pincher is a channel that is devoted to helping you eat cheap in Japan. Through recipes and instructional videos you will not only learn how to cook foods available in Japan. . . . you’ll learn how to do it without breaking the bank!

In today’s video we’re making a simple strawberry cake. . . in a mug. . . in the microwave! This is a perfect recipe for someone who loved to bake but now doesn’t have access to an oven.


Baking Powder
Flavoring (Today I’m using strawberry but you can substitute for whatever else you like also.)

You will notice that today I am making this in a mug but you can also make this recipe in a bowl or pan (microwave safe of course) simply adjust the time you have it in the microwave.

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