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Ice Cream’s Rants – Summer!

The first epidode of Ice Cream’s Rants! Today’s rant: Summer! Who invented this thing?! Our Websites! TAG Studios: http://theamigosgroup.com TAG Music: http://theamigosgroup.com/music Amigos Technologies: http://amigostech.eu5.org Contact Us! business@theamigosgroup.com Free music for your videos! http://theamigosgroup.com/music http://incompetech.com Created Using: MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 Plus Magical powers ————————————————- © 2011 – 2014 The Amigos Group

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A Harvard Mad Scientist Invented Ice Cream That Has Skin

Feb. 13 — In a sleek new restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts, David Edwards is trying to change the way we take in nutrition. The professor, writer, entrepreneur and inventor has created a range of food innovations, from a carafe that will turn your scotch into an inhalable cloud to a device to print smells sent from your iPhone. His best ...

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Soul Food Desserts – A Growing Comfort Food Favorite in Recession

Soul Food Desserts – A Growing Comfort Food Favorite in Recession Soul food desserts is quickly growing into a favorite go-to food in this economic downturn for many people, according to SFI Limited, a soul food cookbook research firm based in Long Beach, California. The company researches trends in the soul food industry. Based on their latest research more people ...

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How to make a moist cake without oven

An unusual way of making a moist cake !….And you thought (Actually I thought once upon a time…..If you were naive like me as well ) you can only use Pizza pan to make a pizza “Inside” an oven NOPE because I am gonna show you how to make a “CAKE” on a pizza pan “Outside” oven on “STOVE TOP” ...

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