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Ice Cream Made With Liquid Nitrogen That’s Totally Delicious

In this episode of Photo Tripping on Yahoo Travel, we visit Smitten Ice Cream in San Francisco, where they make delicious ice cream from scratch- instantly. The secret? Liquid nitrogen and a custom machine invented by owner Robyn Sue Fisher. To learn more, visit: http://yhoo.it/Rl7ld9 Check out our Photo Tripping playlist for more episodes from this series: http://bit.ly/1s113vK For more ...

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Brigadeiros and Beijinhos recipe – how to make traditional Brazilian truffles -La Cooquette-

For all you #WorldCup aficionados: try these VERY easy, VERY delicious Brazilian desserts: Brigadeiros & Beijinhos! And may the best country win! –Ingredients + more down & here: http://lacooquette.com/brigadeiros-and-beijinhos Ingredients: Brigadeiros (Chocolate truffle) -1 can of sweet condensed milk -1 tablespoon of butter -3 tablespoons of cocoa powder -Pulverized/crushed pistachios (to decorate) Beijinhos (non-chocolate) -1 can of sweet condensed milk ...

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Jewish Desserts

Jewish Desserts. . . . . . . Traditional Jewish Desserts Recipes | Epicurious.com www.epicurious.com/tools/searchresults?search…jewish+desserts Search for traditional jewish desserts at Epicurious.com. Jewish International Cooking | Epicurious.com www.epicurious.com › recipes & menus › international cooking Mushroom Barley Soup. Potato Latkes. Russ & Daughters, August 2013. User rating: Potato Latkes. Apricot Hamantaschen. The New Jewish Table, March 2013. Jewish Recipes – ...

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Oblea Dulce de leche and lime

Our Homemade obleas are created from scratch, put different combinations of flavors and enjoy a traditional desserts from Bogota Colombia. With toppings like lime, blackberry, cheese, nutella, dulce de leche and many more the combinations are endless so stop by and enjoy something unique. Located in the Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood, FL booth 298. Visit www.UrbanDesserts.com for more ...

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How to Make Desserts With Pasta

How to Make Desserts With Pasta Pasta is one of the best staples because you can make so many recipes with it, but did you know that you can also use pasta to make dessert recipes? Perhaps you are more familiar with traditional recipes like chocolate mousse or jello, but pasta is fun to work with, for both savory and ...

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An Ode to Desserts

An Ode to Desserts Scientists tell us sugars are non essential foods and we know that even at their most modest, desserts express a certain indulgence. In fact since ancient times, the sweet dish was a luxury reserved for the rich. In Ancient Rome, the poor made do with meals consisting cereal and any available meat or vegetables, while the ...

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